What Is H-Wave®?

A paradigm shift in electrotherapy for pain relief and recovery

H-Wave® is a multi-functional electrical stimulation device intended to speed recovery, restore function, and manage chronic, acute or post-operative pain. It is a non-invasive drug-free alternative treatment option without harmful side effects. This unique technology stands apart from other electrotherapy modalities such as TENS, which only masks pain while the device is on, and traditional muscle stimulators; which use harsh signals and fatiguing muscle contractions to re-educate muscle. Whereas H-Wave® is a rehabilitative device that focuses on addressing the root cause of symptoms and providing lasting, cumulative benefits; which patients can feel long after the device is taken off.

H-Wave® can be used in a clinical setting, but is most effective when used on a regular basis. Patients can easily use the Home H-Wave® device on their own several times per day or several times per week. Treatments typically last 30-60 minutes on average and can be done while relaxing in the comfort, convenience and privacy of their own home or preferred setting. Home H-Wave® is used to help relieve pain and help speed the recovery process by increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, improving range of motion, relaxing muscle spasms, and preventing disuse atrophy.


H-Wave® for Patients

Your path to less pain and a faster recovery

When you have an injury or are living with chronic pain, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t do anything to help yourself, or feeling like drugs are your only option. Home H-Wave® puts an effective drug-free treatment in your hands; allowing you to manage your symptoms on your schedule and on your terms. H-Wave® is a scientifically proven electrical stimulation treatment that can address many conditions as well as the clinical issues that are often at the root of symptoms. Home H-Wave® is easy and comfortable to use on your own. Most patients use the device for 30-60 minutes anywhere from several times per day to several times per week depending on your needs. H-Wave® is extremely successful in creating lasting and cumulative benefits even on patients that have failed with many other prior treatments. H-Wave® is used and trusted by countless patients, physicians, physical therapists and professional athletes, coaches and trainers from over 70 professional sports teams nationwide.


H-Wave® for Physicians

A drug-free, evidence-based treatment option

When patients fall into the sub-acute and chronic phases, treatment options become more limited and challenging. Home H-Wave® offers an effective drug-free treatment that can empower the patient to control their pain, muscle spasms, swelling and other clinical issues related to their condition. Unlike many drugs or treatments that only mask symptoms, H-Wave® focuses on improving circulation and lymphatic drainage in addition to shutting down pain. By taking a more rehabilitative approach, H-Wave® is able to help patients feel better and also speed recovery.

Home H-Wave® isn’t just a device; it’s also an individualized treatment program. Our trained consultants deliver customized support and instruction to each Home H-Wave® patient. This includes follow-up training for as long as your patients need, so that H-Wave® can be a true asset to your practice and your patients. The option for in-home use increases patient compliance by engaging and involving them in their own recovery. Published research has shown that Home H-Wave® can help reduce pain, reduce medication usage and increase the functional capacity of patients.


H-Wave® for Therapists

Increase patient motivation and compliance with faster recovery

For patients with sub-acute pain, chronic pain, or post-op issues, H-Wave® can be instrumental in speeding up recovery and rehabilitation if incorporated into your current physical therapy clinic. Our multi-functional device can address numerous symptoms by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems; which deliver nourishment and remove congestion, allowing your patients to recover faster and have lasting, cumulative benefits. H-Wave®’s evidence-based technology targets the root cause of symptoms (pain, loss in range of motion, muscle spasms, and more) instead of simply masking the pain as most traditional electrical stimulation modalities do. Pain patients typically have symptoms outside the hours of therapy, so H-Wave®’s unique in-home treatment option allows for convenient delivery of lasting pain relief; which can make their current physical therapy at your clinic more productive. It has also been found to decrease the need for medication that can inhibit motivation, by offering an easy-to-use alternative that’s available 24/7 with no side-effects, increasing patient compliance by actively involving them in their own recovery.


H-Wave® for
Insurance Providers

Reduce your costs by helping workers recover faster

While there is no shortage of methods for treating pain patients, medications can have significant debilitating side-effects and drug-free options can have considerable limitations. With opioid abuse and addiction on the rise, the need for an effective, non-pharmacologic alternative for relieving pain and speeding up recovery has never been greater. H-Wave®’s unique field-tested, evidence-based technology provides long-lasting, rehabilitative benefits; which can relieve symptoms, restore functional capacity and range of motion, and decrease drug use. This can help workers return to work faster and or reduce their disability. Since our treatment doesn’t de-motivate patients or create work restrictions like most pain medications; H-Wave® may provide an expedited return to work which can reduce costs of lost productivity for the employer; thus creating direct benefits to providers by decreasing the costs of both medical and indemnity expenses, as well as pleasing your customer.


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